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    Re: Diadnosed Parkinism. Anxiety sky high

    That's brilliant news! I am soooo pleased for you.
    And, you won't have to move now. Fantastic 23tana.

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    Re: Diadnosed Parkinism. Anxiety sky high

    Have only just spotted this but so pleased for you!! I can't believe that this wasn't suspected before and you have been through all this trauma........

    You must feel so relieved but I'm sure you'll be feeling angry somewhere down the line? To think that tablets can cause such symptoms.....

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    Re: Diadnosed Parkinism. Anxiety sky high


    The amount of support I have had on this site has really helped me over the last year.

    And in all honestly, I think it helps people with HA to be able to focus on supporting others on the site including with a diagnosis.

    I want you to know that although I don't know a lot about Parkinson's I am here for you and, and completely get you when you said you couldn't even type the subject line.

    The research into the condition has come on leaps and bounds, and no its not what anyone wants to hear but I know that you can get through this and still live your life to the best of your ability. As anxiety sufferers we make this difficult for ourselves, but in some ways this will be able to help you appreciate the important things in life rather than focusing on every little thing that could go wrong. Essentially your fear has become true, but rather than let that consume you you can embrace it and turn a negative into a positive as they say.

    Easy said than done I know.

    But the NMP community are always here .

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    Re: Diadnosed Parkinism. Anxiety sky high

    The OP hasn't got Parkinson's? Another cause was found fortunately.

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    Re: Diadnosed Parkinism. Anxiety sky high

    What tablets were you on???

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