Hey everyone,
Got the results of the holter and i got this message:

***** Hospital, ***** Thailand
July 5,2015
Dear Mr. Mathieu Robillard,
The Holter monitor showed normal pattern,no arrhythmia,no abnormal ST-T depression.
You could come and pick up the permanent report from CCU before 4pm rand ask the CCU head nurse taking care of it.
Since your EKG,Exercise Stress test and echocardiogram from Lanna Hospital were in normal patterns,and the Holter did not show any abnormality,it is not in the guidelines to do further investigation.
Regular exercise,
Avoid tea/cofee
Regular check up

But i don't understand.... i mean i'm obviously happy that there's nothing major going on since all the tests came back normal but i definitly had pause between beat this morning and it absolutely freaked me out. What does that even mean? it's obviously benign since they say everything is normal but could it be pvc/pac and they didn't mention it?
I mean i'm not crazy lol, i really felt pause between my beat with extra beats. I'm just wondering what can this be?

Alot of time when i'm in a situation with adrenaline involved (sex, masturbation, lifting weight, etc) it start to skip and if i'm nervous outside on the road, heartbeat go to 140-180 and it pause and skip every 2-3 beats... i don't understand.

I've noticed that sometimes, my breathing pattern isn't good. All my life until 16 years old, i was breathing in and out from my mouth. After my first panic attack (in 2004 when i was 16) i kinda 'learned' to breathe in from nose and out from mouth. I've noticed recently that when i'm very nervous, i don't breathe out all the air (i keep alot inside). Can this be the cause of the feeling i'm experiencing?
Anyway thanks all
Thanks all