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    I find writing poetry helps to vent my anxiety.
    I thought I would post something I have recently written:

    Yorkshire Moors

    Itís inviting, yet grey, desolate and bleak
    Interesting with a feeling of sadness which engulfs
    Strong yet with the sweep of the wind it becomes weak
    Silence, except the sound of a solitary raven
    Scratchy green shrubs stretch for miles
    Itís our very own hidden haven
    I wasnít born to this hilly land
    But I always felt sure to call it my own
    Someone came to me and took my hand
    And now itís my home.
    "Oh dreadful is the check -intense the agony -
    When the ear begins to hear, and the eye begins to see;
    When the pulse begins to throb - the brain to think again. The soul to feel the flesh, and the flesh to feel the chain."

    - Emily BrontŽ

    "No matter how irrational I may sound, it's real to me"

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    Re: Poetry

    Im not sure that writing poetry helps me but I do find that it can allow me to focus for a time.

    Thanks for your poem

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    Re: Poetry

    Definitely think we should have a poetry thread on here.

    This is quite bleak - it represents where I still am in life, even if I haven't posted a while. It is also a bit of a stream of consciousness but it did let out some emotion and help me stir from a low mood so I am glad for it this evening, in a way:

    And all the things I want in life
    They seem slowly to drift away from me
    Like grains of sand between my fingers
    Like embers from a bonfire suffocated by the cool autumn air
    It all feels rather hopeless

    And some people have their perfect job
    And some people are getting married
    And some people are having babies
    And some people have all of this
    And some people have none of this
    And yeah I'm jealous

    Yet why should I even try any more
    I know I'll never be like them
    I throw obstacles in my way
    And it's hard to be a happy shiny person
    When you're constantly hurdling
    And falling

    So here I find myself again
    Three pints under
    Or rather I don't find myself
    For I already know that there are no answers
    At the bottom of the pint glass
    However much I squint
    However much I hope sometimes
    You see, somebody told me that once

    Somebody needs to help me sometimes
    The scariest thing is
    That person is always me

    Also found on my blog at http://theintrepidreporter.blogspot....e-to-plan.html
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