Hi here's a list of tips / positive thoughts I wrote for myself, it may or may not stop all your panic and anxiety symptoms but it will at least reduce them.

First of all, try and start with accepting your anxious feelings and not letting them snowball. What are the threats, analyse your thoughts and replace them with something positive. For example ' I can't breath' to ' I can breathe and this will pass' spot any irrational thought and cast it aside. This is called CBT it takes practice but it DOES work.

If that fails get a guided meditation on the go, if you can't calm your mind enough to listen to one then try the next step and come back to it. Deep breathing and relaxation works but you have to fight the desire to run from your anxiety to benefit.

Cold showers are a quick fix for anxiety, unpleasant though they may be they shock your body in a healthy way, releasing feel good chemicals, burning up those stressors and giving you a refreshing feeling.


Literally run on the spot if you have to , star jumps, burpees etc. That adrenaline needs to go some where.


Passion flower (works quite quickly)
Magnesium (chelated ideally, has a calming affect on the brain)
Rhodiola (take first thing in the morning)
Rescue Remedy (offers an instant sense of calm)
Chamomile (soothing as a tea)
Valerian (similar to vallium but a lot more subtle)

You are your best weapon against anxiety, as anxiety is a cycle. It's hard but the way to stop the anxiety is to stop fearing the symptoms, stop safety behaviours and face your fears with a realistic and logical approach. Remember you won't always feel like this, think of the last time you felt relaxed content and focused. Picture that person and know that that is reality not your current situation. It is your brain sending out signals and IT WILL PASS.