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    The past few weeks I have gotten up and gone to work with constant flashbacks to embarrassing or scary situations, or situations I am ashamed of.

    Sometimes they really make me stop and shiver or take a gasp of breath. Its only really started being bad (i.e. repetitive for long periods) recently. I think it may partly because the neighbors are moving in two weeks and I'm scared as to what kind of people will move in.

    I've never had to really 'deal' with these things before so I'm a bit unsure about how to deal with it

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    Re: Flashbacks

    I regularly have flashbacks to things and just have to hold my face in horror.

    I try to be understanding with the younger me (the me prior to today). I was human and inexperienced and struggling with things and so was allowed to be flawed and get things wrong.

    I try to learn from them and do better next time.

    Very hard but try and forget your new neighbours until you see them in the flesh. Then right from the start, see the friend in them, look for what is to like. Whatever happens you'll communicate to them you are a friendly, cool neighbour with positive body language so they feel positive about you.

    You don't have to become friends but that tiny bit of visible body language, a smile, friendliness etc can put people's guards down.

    Make them feel you're interested in their interests there where you live as well as yours.
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