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    Pills, Glorious Pills

    Hi there

    Just an observation about my life on prescription drugs as several people often ask information. These of course are only my personal observations, and drugs react differently on different people, but worth a comment.

    Having been on Tramadol for a disgustingly long period for a now subsided illness, I have to say that unlike some people, I found it just the job for pain, and I existed in my own world quite happily. Strangely, one of my doctors was quite happy for me to continue on it (?) but when I made the decision to come off the drug, cold turkey style, I had a bad time of it, but it subsided, and I returned to the real world. When a family crisis arose some time later and created considerable personal stress which caused me to experience interrupted sleep, I was put onto Mirtazapine.
    This I found to be a great success in enabling me to sleep well, BUT, I put on about 28lbs. which was something I had been warned about, but still came as a surprise. I decided I wanted a change because of the weight gain and I was then tried on Sertraline, which I continue to take.
    Now I am settled with Sertraline, I find it is, well, doing a job, although my sleep is occasionally troubled and if I don't take my dose regularly, I do get anxious with a touch of the leg shakes, but it is tolerable.
    I suppose the point of my post is that I am a believer in prescribed drugs although I am fully aware that it manages a problem as opposed to curing it which is a different subject altogether, however, despite a strong and vociferous anti pill lobby, I suppose what I am saying is, "give pills a chance". Whilst they are hopefully only a temporary 'fix', and provided they are not used as a crutch to aid and abet an escape from the reality of life, we should not be afraid of them.
    There are many, many horrendous stories of drug abuse, and in our circles, distrust, due to the varied conditions we suffer, but as with all potential help, even a leap of faith should be viewed as a positive.
    This is of course my personal experience, and everyone's case and symptoms differ, but whilst there are options, there is hope.

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    Re: Pills, Glorious Pills

    I've been prescribed fluoxetine for many years now, combined with long periods off the medication. I have never had any problem coming off them, but eventually the depression comes back with a vengeance.

    I grew up with a mother who became addicted to prescribed medication, so I am very suspicious of drugs and won't even take painkillers unless I'm in agony.

    For me, it seems that antidepressants are a necessary part of managing my anxiety and depression. It is just one of a tool-kit of strategies I have developed over time to help me function, not a cure for all my problems.

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