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Thread: Random stomach and back pain

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    Unhappy Random stomach and back pain

    Two weeks ago I realized I had some burning in my stomach and lower back pain. These pains were new to me and happens shortly after a trip to a Mexican restaurant with my mom. I wrote the pain off thinking it was just something I ate but the next day I got guessed it Google. Since then the pain travels from one side of my body to the other, up, down and all around depending on the latest illness I have read up on. I can't seem to stop googling my symptoms and even though the chiropractor helped my back pain I feel like my stress keeps bringing it back. I'm driving myself crazy. How do I stop these incessant thoughts?

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    Re: Random stomach and back pain

    Itís funny that you have these pains regularly after a trip to your Mexican restaurant to your mom. I donít think you can stop returning to the thoughts unless you find out the natural reason for your pain. Is it possible that you are allergic to some type of food you eat from the restaurant?

    Chiro is a good option. If chiro is able to relieve the pain to some extent, then it might not be allergic. What is your chiroís diagnosis? I too have chiropractic manual adjustment in Mississauga regularly at the Erin Mills Health clinic ( there, and have had really great results.

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