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Thread: coming off accidentally

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    coming off accidentally

    Hi everyone
    Im new here and im looking for advise as my GP is a bit rubbish

    I have been taking seroxat for over 2 years
    I am rubbish at taking pills and forget a lot of the time. Sometimes I go for the best part of a week without taking one and then withdrawal symptoms start kicking in and remind me.

    Anyway, I had a tonsillectomy (tonsils removed op) on the 23rd July and I havent had a pill since then.

    I Would very much like to come off them and I went through some side affects last week. Im not feeling the withdrawal this week.

    Has anyone come off seroxat cold turkey? If so, how long do the withdrawal symptoms you have had last for?

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    Re: coming off accidentally

    3 and a half weeks and im feeling fine
    Had a few dizzy spells and a few tear tantrums but nothing that couldnt be sorted by isolating myself or having cuddles

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    Re: coming off accidentally

    Wow well done you. I'm on seroxat too been on it for years and only managed to get down to 10mg I'm back up to 40 now. Not sure if it's still working now. Good luck with your recovery nice to hear a positive story
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    Re: coming off accidentally

    So anxiety has come back and I'm back on meds lol
    I have was seroxat free for 4 months

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    Re: coming off accidentally

    But it's a big positive that you can come off them so easily for when you need to again as cold turkey is very likely to mean bad side effects and this is one of the worst 2 meds to come off according to the professionals.

    It just means that the anxiety was not resolved but once you get stable you can work on this through therapy and work towards coming off again when you feel more recovered. Good luck.
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