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    Discomfort/pain in left testicle when walking

    Hi, since Saturday i had a dull ache which would come and go in the pelvic/groin area, that seems to have gone but since yesterday morning I am getting discomfort/pain in my left testicle when i walk or lift my left leg up. It is not a pain where it is stopping me from doing stuff, I just know it is there.

    On friday I done 20 minute hill sprints and Saturday done a HIIT session which included fast paced running on the spot, if a pulled muscle could this affect the testicle? Always get really worried about testicle pain. Also checked and no lump or swellings.

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    Re: Discomfort/pain in left testicle when walking

    I'm having a very similar experience right now. I was wondering how you made out after? Did it eventually go away? Or did you visit the doc?

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