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    i seem to be losing weight (9 stone and 5ft 9inches). even though i have problems with food I still eat regularly. I also have psoriasis back(which i got after birth of my 1st child but disappeared within a year)

    I have always been slim but never below 9 and a half stone b4 and people are beginning to comment now. I have the doctor next week anyway but wondered if anyone else has experienced any of these problems


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    Sorry I can't help - I put on 2 stone with anti-depressants 5 years ago and am still trying to lose it.

    I would get your thyroid checked out as well.


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    Hi Lucky,

    Being anxious and panicky constantly is very calorie comsuming. I lost a couple of stone in as many weeks when I was at my worst. Especially if you're shaky.

    Ensure you're on a good mineral / Vit supplement ( which will help with psoriasis too) and then just force yourself to eat regularly - small and often.
    Once you're over the nut thing - dried fruit and nut mixes are really nutritious and energy providing. Don't just go for sugar laden stuff, try to really feed your body nutritious things, it will help keep anxiety at bay and build you up.


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