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Thread: Heat exhaustion or panic?

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    Heat exhaustion or panic?

    Hi all,

    I am from the UK and am currently in LA on holiday.

    Today I was in the sun from about 2 - 4. Although I didn't feel hot, when I got back into my car I noticed that my back was very warm frim where the sun had been on it. I didn't actually feel hot in myself, and was wearing lotion on my exposed skin. I drank before and after going in the sun, and didn't burn.

    Since then I have felt quite strange, tired, spacey and very very anxious. I am worried that it may be heat stroke and I am assuming it is anxiety. What should I do? I would normally get a thermometer but all the shops are shut and don't open Until tomorrow. I have been quite anoxious throughout the holiday due to health anxiety and feeling that I am going to be ill etc.

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    Re: Heat exhaustion or panic?

    I would go for a cool shower, keep hydrated. Do you think it may be more from exhaustion of walking around? I associate headaches with heat stroke but Im not a Dr so have no idea if the tired spacey feeling is another symptom. Jet Lagged? Just sit back and read about what exciting adventure you will take tomorrow in the city of Angels.

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