My new doctor is great,always has time for me, fits me in between appointments and gives me sometimes 20 minutes to discuss all my problems, as he actually understands anxiety a lot more than any other doctor in The Practice.

My anxiety has gone through the roof this year since my heart attack in January and the loss of many of my top teeth through negligence by a dentist (proved) together with the ongoing health of my daughter.

I can't take SSRI'S, have never agreed with me, and now with all the tablets I have to take since my HA, the only thing I take is Xanax which is beginning to lose it's effect, and Lyrica for pain and vesicare to stop me rushing to the loo every ten to fifteen minutes.(Again I have had all the tests for that region, and everything is normal,despite me being in my sixties)

The instructions onside the box says quite clearly that trazodone shouldn't be taken if one has had a heart attack or heart disease and it can also cause urinary retention, as can Vesicare.

He looked every thing up in his doctor's inter actions of drugs book knowing all the drugs I take before issueing the script, but quite honestly I am scared to take these tablets.

The 11 tablets I take daily for my heart have already mucked up my digestive system, and I know from previous experience that doctors don't like to be questioned about drugs they prescribe.

So what do I do ?

First and foremost my doctor sees that he has got to get my anxiety down and has now prescribed Trazodone in 150mg tablet form, but to take half a tablet at night,