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Thread: When people stay at yr house

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    When people stay at yr house

    Does anyone else have difficulty with people staying over?
    I have been fine for ages, have had a build up of slight stress lately but am now having panic on sofa as friends staying from new Zealand for couple of nights and its pushed me over the edge. Can't sleep and worried about entertaining them tomorrow. I am thinking I will have to play I'll, what do I do, tell the truth or just pretend to be sick so I can stay in bed all day?

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    Re: When people stay at yr house

    Yes, I hate having people staying in my house.
    It ranges from having people stop by and having a cup of tea
    To having people to stay for a week.

    My husband and children are very sociable, so it happens frequently, but I still hate it.

    I have recently had decorators in for nearly a week and that was very stressful I.

    Once again the anticipatory anxiety = that i would have a major pain attack in front of them was horrendous
    But eased as the days went on.
    Ultimately, I had no choice. I had to be present. And as they were in my hall, painting every door, I had no where I could go to'hide'.

    When I had people staying, I did have to take propanlol at the beginning of their stay.
    When i got overwhelmedI i would just go to my room and play a computer game for distraction.
    Just for 30 mins or so. Then pop in and ask if they wanted coffee and force a bright conversation, then escape again if I needed too.

    Going out for meals was a major stressor for me. And caused me to have an IBS flare up.(which is another major worry, as I only have one bathroom)
    So I take imodium, paracetamol for bowel cramp pains and propanalol.

    Depending on how anxious I feel I do say I've got a bit of an upeet stomach because ive overindulged in rich food. And that gives me a get out clause to leave the room should I feel panicky.

    The reality is these people are returning for a another visit next week,
    So either, they are oblivious to my anxiety, accept it, or don't care.

    If there are any message that you have to help you get through it, take them
    You can also try camomille tea during the day, it does work.
    Sedative antihistamines xwill help u relax/sleep at night.


    There's always alcohol. A few drinks will relax you.

    Ultimately, you have to live a life, and these are your friends.

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    Re: When people stay at yr house

    Ahh thank you for your reply. I too have irritable bowel and it has flared up. I have told them I not feeling 100% and that it's due to being too busy (which is true) and IBS. They are such nice people. I'm going to take it easy today and try not to be harsh on myself.

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    Re: When people stay at yr house

    I don't like having people staying over at my house either. My flat is my safe place and I want to be able to run about screaming, crying or become hysterical if I so please during a panic attack. I never have went into that state in a panic but often felt like it and knowing I can do that in the privacy of my own home just in front of my partner, calms me down. I wouldn't like the feeling of having to hold back my anxiety because someone was staying over. It would make me feel worse and I would probably go into steback once they had left.
    C-PTSD (Complex Trauma), OCD, Panic Disorder, GAD

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    "Recovery always lies ahead - however painful the moment"

    "Recovery lies in the places and experiences you avoid"

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    Re: When people stay at yr house

    I need to get some decorators in but I keep putting it off cos I can't stand anybody here, and it's for the hall stairs and landing and 2 more rooms so they would be here for days I feel very lonely but I'd rather be here on my own than be anxious when they are here, in it awful when you feel like this

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