Well this is it, I heard what one doctor had to say, but felt that I was brushed off as a worry wort, so I am going to see one more doctor for a fresh persepective. I have typed up an info sheet, which I will share here with everyone. I know I am probably ok, as I have had every tingle and sensation anxiety could throw at me, but this feels differen't (doesn't it always?) anyway wish me luck, and after this I am blocking search engines from my devices.


1. Achy/sharp pains throughout the day in forearms (mostly top) and shins. (Left side primarily)

2. Three swollen lymph nodes? Under my jawline. Two on the right, one on left. (Hard, movable)

3. Left tonsil grew back (check if normal)

4. Was told on phone that pain in arms and legs is anxiety, and that my lymph nodes are normal, without being actually checked. I want a second opinion for peace of mind, I also woke up due to pain in middle of the night, and previous “anxiety sensations” were not present when asleep or out of my mind

Tests done this year:

1. Blood work: Vitamin D and thyroid February 20th, or 21st (Dizzy, off balance, headache)

2. CBC on February 22nd (Fatigue)

3. MRI April 29th ( due to pressure over left temple and headache, also nerve issue same area)

4. Vitamin D October 8th (34). (Ordered because the pains in my arms and legs. Came back normal range on 34.)

5. EKG in march (chest pain, and father has heart issues, required open heart surgery in mid 40’s)

1. Lisinopril – 5mg (hypertension, mainly only when at doctors)
2. Vitamin D – 1000IU
3. Calcium – 600mg with vitamin D – 400iu
4. Men’s one a day multi vitamin
5. Fish oil