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Thread: Endoscopy in 3 days..Help plz!

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    Endoscopy in 3 days..Help plz!

    What's the chances of life threatening complications? I've read a lot of horror story's about these endoscopys,I've convinced myself im gonna die from one and I'm almost thinking of pulling out but I don't want to as I've waited months for this to come,I also had a fundop (surgical procedure for gerd) in 2011 will this higher the chances of complications? I'm going on Wednesday morning?

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    Re: Endoscopy in 3 days..Help plz!

    Awww I do not know the answers but why not give the unit you will be attending a call and explain how anxious you are feeling. They will see people all the time who are anxious.

    I had an ogd endoscopy a couple of months ago as I always worry about being late was 1.5 hours early, saw loads of people going in and having it done, all came out okay including me. :-)

    Bye for now.


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    Re: Endoscopy in 3 days..Help plz!

    Had one at the beginning of the year and honestly it's nothing to worry about and the risks are negligible. You'll be fine

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    Re: Endoscopy in 3 days..Help plz!

    Thanks for the replies, well I went through with it and it was possibly the worst experience of my life it was horrendous, I retched all the way through and tbh I think I'm suffering from PTS, Unless it's absolutely necessary I won't be having it done again...

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    Re: Endoscopy in 3 days..Help plz!

    I have had it done 3 times now & colonoscopy at the same time. My son in law has to have one every year & he has his without any sedation ! You will be fine

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    Sorry just seen that you have now had it done ! Sorry that you had a bad experience - did you not have sedation ? I always have & didn't even know it had been done.

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    Please for anyone else having this procedure whose anxiety is now through the roof because of your experience --- ask for sedation & its done without you feeling anything !!!!

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    Re: Endoscopy in 3 days..Help plz!

    didn't have sedation because I was worried about aspiration,Once the camera was down I started retching a lot of fluid up and it was being suctioned out,I'm slightly worried now because since I had it done I've had a mild and persistent pain in my upper back and a strong a smell of blood at the back of my throat which comes and goes.

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