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    Strange sensation in throat.

    I wonder if anyone can relate to this. I have had this feeling in my throat and the only way I can describe it as, when you try and stop a yawn or that ache you get when you stop yourself from crying. I had gone to docs and was prescribed lansoprazole and gaviscon as originally it felt like a lump in my throat. 3 months ago I had a click in my neck followed by an immense pain similar to what I'm feeling now. Had a big panic attack a couple of days ago and felt like I boildnt breathe and had this feeling again. Can anybody relate, when it happens I get a coldish headache too. It's really strange. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    Re: Strange sensation in throat.

    Just going to bump it up just in case anybody hasn't seen this. Again thank you for any suggestions.

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    Re: Strange sensation in throat.

    Hey there.
    I sometimes get a feeling like there's a lump in my throat. When it happens I'm not anxious either so I don't know what causes it and it makes me anxious worrying when it's going to start up again!! It also feels worse when I lay on my left side. It feels like someone is sticking their finger in my throat! Not fun that's for sure. I was just thinking about this last night.


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    Re: Strange sensation in throat.

    Thanks for replying Kel. The feeling I have goes away when i lay down and i sleep really well considering. I've had problems with catching my breath when I either laugh or cry. The anxiety is so bad because of it. The lump in my throat has subsided but not the sore throat breathing problem. Back to docs next week. Hope you get some relief soon. ☺️

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