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Thread: Can I get some recommendations?

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    Can I get some recommendations?

    A few months back, I found out I was vitamin D deficient. I want to work on balancing out my D, calcium, and magnesium levels because I question if that's the reason I feel so off sometimes and have days of palpitations. Anyone have recommendations on good supplements or topical lotions/oils? Thanks!

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    Re: Can I get some recommendations?

    It's important you get at least 15 minutes sunlight on your skin every day. For easily produced vit d.. Without risking sunburn/skin cancer
    You will also find nutrional advice here, on foods high in calcium and magnesium

    These nutrients are always more readily absorbed via food rather than via tablet form.

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    Re: Can I get some recommendations?

    Aaaaand, if you happen to live where you may not see sun for days on end, like I do, and if you did, exposed skin will freeze in less than 5 minutes most winter days, then you can buy Vitamin D drops that can be shaken onto food or liquid or even licked off the back of your hand. 1000 mg per drop. I take 10,000 (10 drops) daily with my doctor's blessing.

    As for magnesium, there are several types now that vie as the best absorbed. I take magnesium glycinate, which is pretty good. You can buy sprays in the health food stores or buy the gel, which is concentrated, and use distilled water to make your own topical magnesium supplement. It is good for aches and pains, soothing to arthritic joints as well!

    You may want to do a bit of research, but the naturopathic advisors in the health food shops here advise to slowly build tolerance to somewhere around 400 to 600 mg of magnesium for a safe but effective overall daily dose, I take a combination of capsules and topical magnesium.

    As for calcium, I am waiting for delivery of a good vitamin K2 (MK4) supplement before taking more of that. I am unfortunately lactose intolerant, and worse than that, the oxalic acid in most calcium-rich greens make my arthritic toes and fingers ache I had really hoped and tried to eat cheeses and drink milk, but my digestion just won't allow it, so I will carefully supplement with a really good quality, easily absorbed calcium along with vitamin K2. The K2 will ensure the calcium ends up in my bones and teeth, and not my arteries and joints.

    I agree with Dally though, firstly, get as much as you can from your diet, that's always the best way! Good luck!
    Marie xx

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    Re: Can I get some recommendations?

    Some useful info in these threads about vitamin D. Marie is the person you want about vitamin D. In some countries the sunlight isn't even good enough to promote vitamin D production so its worth checking your region and seasons with your met office:

    Some useful magensium threads for you:
    For free Mindfulness resources, please see this thread I have created to compile many sources together

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