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    Olanzapine worked for a few days and then...?

    I've had some absolutely staggering anxiety recently.... But something weird has happened medication wise...

    a couple of weeks ago an urgent care doctor gave me 5mg olanzapine to take, 1 at night. these seemed to work well and whilst I was still depressed (I recently gave up drinking after abusing alcohol) my anxiety had calmed down sufficiently to allow me to 'get on with it'.

    3 days later I saw the psychiatrist who increased the olanzapine to 10mg and prescribed sertraline alongside it. my anxiety got worse and peaked on Friday, which is when I decided to stop taking the sertraline after 3 days of taking it (50mg once per day), I saw a doctor the next day on saturday and they said I was right to stop taking the sertraline. Only problem is, now since then I'm anxious all the time again! even with diazepam and zopiclone to back me up! And still taking the 10mg olanzapine at night

    Can anyone make sense of this?
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    Re: Olanzapine worked for a few days and then...?

    I was the same, Sertraline made me so much worse but i persevered with it and it really helped me....

    diazepam does nothing for me either!

    Maybe try the sertaline again or ask for an alternative ??

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