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Thread: anyone had a brain mri? need a question answering

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    anyone had a brain mri? need a question answering

    hi guys has anyone ever had a brain MRI scan? about 6 months ago I had one for headaches which came back normal, I've got a hard lump behind my left earlobe which I've recently starting to become worried about and I was wondering this - what exactly does a 'brain mri' cover? I was in the machine for about 20 minutes, and was wondering do they scan the full head like round the ears etc or do they purely look at the brain and ignore everything else? the lumps been there at least 2 years maybe longer but I want to know if the scanner would have picked up anything bad around that area!

    thank you

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    Re: anyone had a brain mri? need a question answering

    I had one recently although I am not sure exactly what was being scanned. I have been suffering with head pressure for a while now. I think that it is related to my medication.

    If the lump is actually visible you could always show it to your GP I suppose.

    Sorry that I can't be of more help.
    This too will pass ...

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    Re: anyone had a brain mri? need a question answering

    I have brain scans every one or two years because of the condition I have :(. I was shown my last scan even though I did not understand it by the doctor. I think i have a bright spot or something similar but know whatever I have it is not dangerous.

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