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    Vivid dreams/nightmares

    I've been on citalopram 30mg since July and i've suffered from vivid dreams/nightmares since starting. They don't bother me as much now but just wondering if this is something anyone else has experienced whilst taking this.

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    Re: Vivid dreams/nightmares

    ADs are known for vivid dreams,night sweats and disturbed sleep,i had all of them while on citalopram
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    Re: Vivid dreams/nightmares

    Same here for me. I've started keeping a dream diary. It helps me get over them a bit better. I wrote them down as soon as I wake up, otherwise I forget them as the day goes on

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    Re: Vivid dreams/nightmares

    I used to have really vivid dreams just before waking up. Not always pleasant. However, since I started on olanzapine roughly 3 months ago I am hardly dreaming at all.

    I am actually finding it really hard to wake up in the mornings now. The radio alarm clock could be going off for a hour sometimes before it wakes me. I am not aware of any dreams though. Very rarely these days anyway.
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    Re: Vivid dreams/nightmares

    I just started Fluoxetine/Prozac after switching from Sertraline/Zoloft, and OMG, the dreams are so vivid now! And they're all either nightmares or anxiety-related. Hopefully this will change soon, as my general mood improves. I get them right before I wake up in the morning.
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    Re: Vivid dreams/nightmares

    I've had problems waking up, infact every morning. I used to be an early bird, I'd always be up before sunrise and id never snooze my alarm but nowadays I just can't wake up. It's really hard. Ive not found anyway to make this easier no matter how much/how little sleep I get. Or whT dreams I do or don't have ☹

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