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Thread: Only just realised i have GAD

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    Only just realised i have GAD

    Hi guys,

    I've been having mental health problems since i was 19, now 25 and all along, I've attributed it to depression, anxiety, panic disorder, agoraphobia. However, after reading some of the posts on here and reading a book on the subject, i seem to fit GAD to a tee. It seems to be a very complex case for me though.

    I feel a little bit better knowing that all this anxiety has been labelled, however, I've had it quite severely for 6 years now. My question is, is it treatable and can you overcome it, no matter how complex or long standing it has been? It has affected everything in my life, from relationships to work and i really want to live a normal life

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    Re: Only just realised i have GAD

    With proper medication and therapy, there's a really good chance that you can get this under control. Citalopram worked a treat for me, although it takes a couple of weeks for the effect to kick in, and the anxiety does get worse before it gets better. Best to talk to your GP, and preferably a therapist trained in anxiety disorders.

    Keep the faith, it will get better!


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    Re: Only just realised i have GAD

    You can 100% overcome it with the right support and attitude,don't let anybody tell you any different
    dont panic ,put the kettle on

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    Re: Only just realised i have GAD

    Thank you guys your words of support mean a lot

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