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    Feeling like no one cares

    I feel really sad today, I know everyone is busy with their own lives but I very rarely hear from my friends.
    I have recently moved away from my hometown, trying to keep contact up with my friends has been near impossible.

    Two of my closest and best friends are a little better and we try to message each other twice a week if we can.

    I have three other close friends, I have tried contacting two of them near,y everyday for the last week or so, I got a reply from one saying she was busy and work had been hectic.
    Since then I have tried messaging to organise a Skype session, I've been ignored there. I know she's seen it, as on whatsapp it tells you if it's been viewed.
    I know she's busy, but a text takes all of ten seconds. I even said I hadn't been feeling well which is true, still nothing :( if the tables were turned and she messaged me I would be there for her.
    The second one has gone AWOL and I very rarely hear from her at all.
    The third friend in this group has a lot of anxiety and depression herself and therefore can blow very hot and cold with me, I have tried to instigate a Skype and other things with her but to no avail

    I've found it particularly difficult making friends here my main company is my partner and his family.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

    Edit: I'm hoping when we eventually have children, it will help me make some friends but that's a few years off yet...
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    Re: Feeling like no one cares

    I understand where your coming from. My friends now are internet friends and my family . my so called best friend hasnt spoken to me in 12 months so I'm guessing we're not friends anymore!! I think this time of year is difficult because everyone is busy and I think you'll find your other friends have more time to get in touch then. I don't no your situation as far as your illness can you get out. People make friends at the gym or at hobby groups and things like that maybe that's worth a try xx

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    Re: Feeling like no one cares

    Yes I know how you feel, it hurts when it feels like your friends don't bother with you. It could be they are busy and caught up in their own lives and they may not realise how they are making you feel.
    Can you join any groups near you, look in your local library for any clubs or societies or short courses that interest you or try volunteering.
    Hope they get in touch soon

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