I get a lot of stomach cramps, mainly due to dysmenorrhea (very bad menstrual cramps) I also get cramps before my period and ovulating etc. But have also had lots of stomach aches and cramps since I was little which I think looking back may have been related to my anxiety as Ive deal with anxiety since I was very young. I am 24 now.

For the past week I have had bad waves in my stomach, along with stomach cramps, low back pain and my stomach is making loud noises! The cramps and waves are quite low down in the pelvic area. (This isn't due to menstruation)

My mother has very severe colitis and many of my other family members have stomach issues like ibs and colitis, so I get worried about having such issues myself.

My dr did think I may have ibs but I was wondering if anyone else has these sorts of issues?

Its been pretty constant now for the last week, feel like I can't really walk well as I don't feel comfortable standing up straight, Ive been in bed with a hot water bottle for the most part.
I just feel like you do when you've got an upset stomach but I haven't really had an upset stomach just all the inner sensations in the stomach.

Ive been drinking lots of water, tried some peppermint tea with no luck!

Any remedies I can try would be great!