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Thread: throat and dizziness-scared now

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    throat and dizziness-scared now

    hi everyone,

    ive just stupidly googled and now im freaking out so scared...
    my doc prescribed tablets for my throat problem- doc thinks its LPRD, thats been ongoing now for like 5 months...ive been on them for a week now, and the symptoms have subsided, but not totally gone, so i thought id google just to see how long it takes for the symptoms to go away, but i found ppl had written that this can and will turn into cancer....
    also, my dizziness has gotten so much worse in the last 2 days, it has been pretty hot here so i wanted to know if any of you notice that the dizziness is worse in heat.....
    i feel so stuck, i want to go to the gym, but the dizziness is stopping me loosing weight and getting healthy, i also read here that it helps heal the in a catch doc thinks my dizziness is from a middle ear infection i had 5 months ago..the infection went away but the dizziness never did, and thats when the dizziness started, so i dont know.....
    but i do know im terrified now about this LPRD....has anyone else had it and is it for sure that i will now get cancer?
    oh god, im 32, but now feel like my life is over....
    pls, any help would be greatly appreciated...ill keep coming back here to check in the next few days, as im now doc never mentioned cancer, and when i suggested it to her, she said no way....?!

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    Re: throat and dizziness-scared now

    Sorry, I can't help a lot as I don't know what LPRD is - but I would say that you should listen to your doctor and not to google! Are you under GP or specialist care?

    I would imagine that your dizziness could be worsened by the heat (dehydration possibly?). If you can go to the gym and even just walk on the treadmill for a while, you might find it makes you feel a bit better. Don't push yourself too hard and get some support from the gym staff, and it may give you the confidence you need to give it a try.

    Can you maybe go back to your GP and discuss your concerns, and get a few facts. I really wouldn't listen to stuff you find on the net as a lot of it is very unscientific! Listen to the experts and get some proper information before you let your imagination run away with you.

    I hope you're feeling better soon.

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