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Thread: Endoscopy in two days and I'm terrified

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    Endoscopy in two days and I'm terrified

    Hey you guys, I've got an endoscopy in a couple days due to not being able to swallow solids for the past month - they get stuck and I have shortness of breath the whole time it's going down. But I am terrified.
    If I can't swallow solids without struggling to breathe, how will I swallow the camera?
    They say I have to be sedated. When I'm asleep, I sometimes stop breathing. This will be conscious sedation but I'm still scared that this will happen, I'm terrified that I'll die under sedation. I've never been sedated before.
    I am just so scared, I cry every time I think about going to have this done.

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    Re: Endoscopy in two days and I'm terrified

    Hi...I have had 2 endoscopys done...(they found a hiaetus hernia) ..and tbh..I cant say I remember or felt a thing under sedation on both occasions. The only memory I have (albeit a vague one) is burping as the pushed the camera down. Other than that the only thing I remember is waking up again. I say don't be afraid... its not as bad as it sounds, although that is useless information to someone with anxiety.

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    Re: Endoscopy in two days and I'm terrified

    I was sedated, but I don't think they gave me enough. I was awake during the whole thing and conscious. It was very painful at some points, but on the flip side I can tell you that it is a very quick procedure. They are in, and they are out. Don't be worried about it at all. It's something that you can get though and will only take up a few moments of your time. I also did not like the fact that I was going to be sedated or do this at all! However, it ended up giving me the answers that I needed, why I was feeling the way I felt. I was diagnosed with gastritis.

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    Re: Endoscopy in two days and I'm terrified

    I just wanted to let you guys know that it had gone fine!

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