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Thread: Breast Dimple

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    Breast Dimple

    Hi, I've just noticed I can see a dimple in my left breast when I lift my hands above head. I have a GP appointment booked for next Fri but I'm really anxious this. Ive had pain in my right breast for over a year and have had them examined twice before as they are very lumpy.
    I'm also waiting on mri results from Sunday as I have uneven pupils and migrain.
    I'm going crazy 😩

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    Re: Breast Dimple

    hi zestyz,

    it might not be the same sort of thing but I've recently noticed some dimpling on my breasts and when ive pulled the skin in one direction tightly, I've noticed that its part of a faint stretch mark. the dimple I noticed was very small only about 1/2mm. try not to worry even though that's easier said than done, I've had shooting pain in my left breast for the last week with no explanation, boobs do tend to do funny things!

    I hope everything is ok for you, best wishes xx

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    Re: Breast Dimple

    Thanks for replying, having breasts is just another part of our body's to worry about! I have stretch marks that make lines but this only appears when my arms are raised and it's on the bottom of my breast x

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    Re: Breast Dimple

    I'm right there with you. Yesterday I noticed a slight dimple at the bottom of my left breast when I was putting my hair up yesterday morning. I'm 31 and have no history in my family that I'm aware of. I'm totally panicking. My OB/GYN appointment isn't for 4 weeks. :(

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