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Thread: side, stomach noises?.

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    side, stomach noises?.

    okay so i'm kind of freaking out,
    earlier i was having some side pain and now that i've got in bed my stomach is making noises every 3-5 seconds and my side still hurts a little bit(its like a tingly achy feeling throughout mixed with a shooting ache through my groin,
    i'm prone to side pains as i've had this for two years now but mixed with my stomach noises i'm now convinced its my appendix,
    its probably just the same old pain or because of my acid reflux, but i can't help but freak out, (do you think i'm overthinking it?)
    (i also meant to put side pain* but it completely washed over me lol)
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    Re: side, stomach noises?.

    I've not personally had issues with my appendix but everyone I have talked to that has had theirs out says it terrible pain, like you'd be doubled over. What you're describing sounds like muscle/nerve related pain probably not made better by anxiety. Did you eat something out of the ordinary?
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