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    January 2nd 2016

    felt terrible for 3 weeks sick all day light headed just feel totally knackered no one knows how i feel every morning seriously thinking of ending it all can't go on much longer there'tablets don't do anything tried them all tried everthing,I still take my furry friend out for a walk I owe her that much,that's all for now

    January 24th 2016
    Sunday stomach ace light headed totally knackered again trying to carry on but its getting very diificult now,that's all for to day.This is how I feel at the moment

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    Re: Wow


    I am sorry you are feeling sick and unwell. Do you know why you feel this way?

    There is always someone out there you can talk to, whether it's online, by phone or visiting an organization.

    Please don't give up hope. Try and find the strength to be strong and fight your way through your feelings.

    Sending you positive thoughts.

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    Re: Wow

    Just want to say I'm so sorry you're suffering so badly. In know words can't make it any better...

    You're doing so well to keep going when it feels sounds like you've tried medication without any luck...can you get any other support, therapy, psychiatric referral? I know it's hard and sometimes it feels like nothing will help. Please keep reaching out for support though - we can't do this alone.

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