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Thread: Blood clot in lungs?

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    Blood clot in lungs?

    So I've been having some shortness of breath for about 9 days now. Went to the doctor who said it was bronchitis and gave me antibiotics . The antibiotics aren't really working. Now I'm scared it's a blood clot. Can a blood clot in your lungs last over a week without killing you? I'm panicking over here now.

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    Re: Blood clot in lungs?

    A medical professional diagnosed you with bronchitis, not a blood clot. Sorry you're panicking. Keep taking your meds. They continue to work for days even after finishing.

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    Re: Blood clot in lungs?

    From the people I know pe blood clots are really painful. If you are experiencing pain then return to your gp and mention this. You should also go back if your abs aren't working after a few days.

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    Re: Blood clot in lungs?

    No I think you would be in plenty of pain.

    I think it is more likely you need your antibiotics reviewing as 9 days with no improvement might mean you need something different. If your breathing is troubled they may issue you with a Reliever inhaler to help open your tubes so you can breath easier.
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