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    Medication Combination Fear

    Wow I like this new forum.. it's a great Idea figure I'll give it a test run with one of my own recent panics. I work for a insurance provider so I spend day to day dealing with medications and I have gotten in the terrible habit of looking up my own medications and searching for interactions and what not.

    I recently began taking Metfomin 500 mg 2x's daily to treat insulin resistance which was added to my regimine of Triamterne/HCTZ 37.5/12.5 mg 1x daily(to treat edema) and Effexor XR 150 mg 1x daily(for my anxiety attacks). I had done some cross referencing on this combination and came up with a possible interaction between the Metformin and Triamterne/HCTZ.. So I called the local pharmacy to find out what it could be they of course told me the horror story of lactic acidosis... Well I wasn't satisfied with that answer so the next day I asked my regular pharmacist and she said oh no there is no interaction in fact she dispenses this combination quiet frequently.

    Basically what I am looking to find out: Is this combination safe to take or should I be talking to my primary care physican about a change? I've worked myself up so much over this I've actually succeeded in making myself sick, coupled with the fact I don't like taking meds anyways.. this is causing one lovely panic filed situation.. I haven't scared myself enough to have an attack but I know myself I tend to develop psychosymatic symptoms very easily and help in easing my mind would be GREATLY appreciated.. Thanks!


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    Re: Medication Combination Fear

    HI, Effexor is the only one of those I know but if you're worried ask your doctor just to put your mind at rest. I doubt they'd have been prescribed together if there was a problem.

    Good luck

    Love Jo x

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    Re: Medication Combination Fear

    Okay, it's important to make a clear distinction between drug "interactions" and "contraindications." Many drugs can create interaction through enhancement or reduction of pharmacological properties or with physiological processes and yet remain safe for patients to use in combination.

    In the case of the two drugs mentioned, you need to realize that caution is highly advisable in cases where there is significant renal and hepatic disease, alcoholism and conditions associated with hypoxia (eg. cardiac and pulmonary disease) which could significantly increase the risk of Lactic Acidosis. In fact, the use of Metformin alone in such pre-existing conditions warrants risk of LA.

    In all other instances, simple monitoring by your primary care physician is adequate and we are always vigilent about possible interactions and contraindications when considering pharmacological treatment. Many patients can develop phobias about medications in the presence of anxiety because it represents an element beyond their immediate control. In other words, once you've swallowed the pill, it's too late to remain in the corridor of safety that you perceive to be necessary to keep things in control and away from making any sort of self-induced error, ie; swallowing the pills despite certain warnings that are most oftentimes taken largely out of context.

    Stay with your prescriptions and if you become concerned, merely contact the prescribing physician. The combination, however, is safe to administer.

    You'll be fine.
    Best regards and Good Health

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