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Thread: 25 Y.O. W/ Bowel Troubles and Bleeding

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    25 Y.O. W/ Bowel Troubles and Bleeding


    (A short list of my symptoms can be found at the bottom)

    I'm a 25 yo male. I've posted before about some rectal bleeding I had a few months ago. I would like to elaborate on my problems further as they seem to have persisted/worsened. At this point I am extremely scared and would appreciate any advice or experience anyone may have on this.

    My problems started around October 2015 when I had a small sinus infection which I was superscribed Amoxicillin for. Almost exactly around this time, although I cannot remember if before or after the antibiotic, I started experiencing bouts of indigestion. I would feel strong gas pains and have an urge to go to the bathroom. When I went I would pass excess wind as well as some mucus. My stool would have small amount of blood on it. This problem flared up a hand full of times until I eventually saw my GI doctor.

    At the visit he determined the best course of action was to give me a flexible sigmoidoscopy. This was because I had already had a colonoscopy in early 2014 due to a similar, but smaller, flare up of this same issue. This earlier colonoscopy did not find any issues; no hemorrhoids, inflammation, polyps, nothing. The flex sig took place in early December 2015. The results showed some hemorrhoids had formed. It also showed what the doctor called 'erosion' in my rectal area. The eroded areas were biopsied but did not come back with anything abnormal. Aside for recommending ointment for the hemorrhoids the doctor didn't have much else to say.

    At this point I should also point out that I have received a CT sscan of my abdomen/pelvis in early 2015 due to an enlarged lymph node I had on my neck. The scans showed nothing abnormal, the lymph node was biopsied and was also normal.

    Fast forward to mid January of this year. Up until this point I have still been having the bouts of indigestion and bleeding every other week or so. Starting in mid January I began having excessive gas and began noticing more mucus when I would go to the bathroom. I have also begun to notice small dark specs in my stool. From what I have read online they seem like they may be undigested food but they still worry me very much. This has progressed up until this last week. Now each time I go to the bathroom I seem to have a fully formed brown stool but it is accompanied by a fair amount of liquid/mucus, gas, and sometimes fresh red blood. The gas pains are centered in my rectum area and have become extremely intrusive to the point that I worry that if I am not careful I may have an accident. My bowels also seem to make a large amount of grumbling/bubbling noises. I seem to be going at about the same frequency as usual but the trips are much for uncomfortable and worrying.

    The anxiety from this is ruining me atm. My nerves are shot. I cannot concentrate. My anxiety is through the roof. If anyone has any experiences or advice I would greatly appreciate. At this point I have another appoint schedule for tomorrow with my GI. I feel like at this rate I'm heading for my second colonoscopy before the age of 30 :(

    For organization sake I'll list the symptoms I've been having below:
    -From October:
    Once every week-bi weekly having bowel movements involving excess gas/mucus. Small amounts of red blood either on stool or toilet paper.
    Noticing small dark specs, like pepper flakes sometimes larger, scattered throughout stool.
    -For last two weeks:
    Excess gas/mucus has become persistent. Waves of sharp gas pains in rectal areas a few hours before having bowel movement. Stools still seem fully formed but excess amounts of liquid/mucus passed before each. Noticing bright red blood mixed with mucus. Anxiety and gas pains have lead to slight nausea and loss of appetite. Weight seems to be holding on for the most part. Over the past few weeks I seem to be 1-2 pounds lighter than usual, hopefully owing to extreme anxiety.
    -Tests/results up to this point:
    Early 2014: Full colonoscopy w/ biopsies due to similar but smaller issue. Results came back normal, no issues.
    Early 2015: CT scan of abdomen/pelvis due to large lymph node. Nothing abnormal found. Lymph node also biopsied, nothing abnormal.
    December 2015: Flex sig performed. Only findings are hemorrhoids and 'erosion' on rectal wall. Eroded areas are biopsied and came back normal.

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    Re: 25 Y.O. W/ Bowel Troubles and Bleeding

    Sounds like IBS to me. Bleeding from Hemmies since nothing else showed up. I have fairly similar problems... Worrying about your gastrointestinal state for me just makes it worse. It's a viscous cycle

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    Re: 25 Y.O. W/ Bowel Troubles and Bleeding

    Thanks for the reply Solidsimpson. So I visited the GI doctor about 3 weeks ago. He went over my test history and did a physical examination down there. He said he felt some inflammation and hemorrhoids and, given my earlier test results, pointed that out as the likely cause of the bleeding. He recommended using a fiber supplement called Konsyl as well as hemorrhoidal suppositories. I've been using both for the last few weeks and they seem to have helped. The consistency of my bms have improved as well as the gas/mucus. This being said, the trouble hasn't gone away entirely. Every once in a while over the last few weeks I've had a bm with some fresh red blood or excess gas/mucus. This hasn't been as bad as it was a few weeks ago but the problem still persists.

    My main question is for anyone who has suffered from hemorrhoids. Can an inflammation/flare up with hemerrhoids last for a while, like a few weeks/months? Could there be anything I'm doing to make things worse?

    I have a follow up scheduled with the GI in early April. Based on how things go I may be in store for another colonoscopy if this persists. I'm certainly not looking forward to that.

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    Re: 25 Y.O. W/ Bowel Troubles and Bleeding

    Hi again everyone. Sorry to push this post again. I'm just wondering if anyone has any advice/experience with hemorrhoids they can share. For the last few weeks/months since my first post my heavy bleeding symptoms have subsided but still every time I have a bowel movement I see some small streaks of red blood on the stool. Some days are worse than others but it's still never more than what looks like a few drops. As I stated above I've had previous tests including a sigmoidoscopy a few months ago and a colonoscopy 2 years ago. My GI doctor noted that he found hemorrhoids while examining me about 1.5 months ago. I want to believe that this is just hemorrhoids but I don't know how long they are supposed to last. I have regular bms each day but that little bit of blood terrifies me. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. I so scared of this.

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