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Thread: Bladder again

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    Bladder again

    I have a constant need to pee which is making me so depressed. Also my muscle near the bladder are so tight and I don't know how to relax them. I've taken some Diazepam but it doesn't seem to work. :(
    I really just want to take my life, I don't know how to make it better.

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    Re: Bladder again

    Have you seen a doctor about it?

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    Re: Bladder again

    Many times
    Had everything Camera ect
    I just can't do it anymore.

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    Re: Bladder again

    Hey Em, you know I've had this problem too for 2 months but I know for a fact it was anxiety that fueled it. Like you I had the constant urge to urinate and my muscles were tight bc my mind was constantly on it! It's crazy how the mind works, trust me when I say I was in the same position as you thinking I would never feel normal again. trust me. But right now I can say I'm 90 percent better and it's bc I told my mind it was just anxiety and the symptoms started going away... And if I'm really anxious or think about it too much they come back. So if it was IC they would stay permanent.. Do you know what I mean? I know this is hard but try to tell your mind is anxiety and don't focus on it and with muscle tightness take a bath! It helped out sooooo much!!! Don't worry Em you will be fine I promise you it sounds like anxiety!

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