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Thread: Emetophpbia and sick bugs!!!

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    Emetophpbia and sick bugs!!!

    Hi guys i would love some help maybe just someone to understand as no one in my family does,
    Obvious major emetophobe!!!
    My daughter was sick twice 2 weeks ago ( not sure why)
    Then her friend came round to play yesterday, she was complaining of a belly ache and was sick in my toilet! She went home, toilet was bleached etc and continued to be sick all night so must of been a bug! Im now in MAAAAAAAJOR panic mode, will i get it, will my daughter get it, i feel like crying every belly turn i think omg this it it :(

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    Re: Emetophpbia and sick bugs!!!

    I am the exact same. I have an awful fear of puking and usually I am ok with germs but as soon as someone catches a bug that involved sickness - I go into full blown panic mode. Everything gets bleached, I don't eat anything for fear that might be contaminated with some bug, I try and sleep through the anxiety, I watch myself to see if I do become sick and of all the times my bf has been sick with a stomach bug - I've never once caught it from him. I nearly make myself sick with nerves though! I think you would have had symptoms now if you were going to catch this bug off your daughter's friends. Stomach bugs incubation times are usually quite quick and show up in a few hours.
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