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Thread: Tips on coping with/overcoming HA?

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    Tips on coping with/overcoming HA?

    Hi all,

    I, like many others, suffer from time to time with health anxiety - primarily cancer related health anxiety. I'm a prolific googler which I realise is the worst thing you can do as pretty much everything is a symptom of some sort of cancer, but sometimes I can't stop myself. I'll google something looking for quick reassurance and end up opening a can of worms and sending my HA through the roof. Every general ache and pain I get ends with my mind ticking over that it's some sort of cancer and it scares the life out of me.

    I've just received antibiotics for tonsillitis after a bad sore throat and painful tonsils. I have one swollen lymph node on my neck on the side that hurts more so naturally I've now convinced myself I've got tonsil cancer/lymphoma thanks to doctor google.

    Can anybody suggest any apps/books etc. which have helped them with their HA? I've heard CBT and mindfulness have helped people before but if anyone could point me in the direction of any tried and tested material, it would be hugely appreciated. I've already made a list today of things I've diagnosed myself with in the last years which consisted of:

    Lung cancer
    Kidney stones
    Kidney cancer
    Brain tumour
    Spine cancer
    Tonsil cancer

    It made me laugh a bit when I read that list back, but it's horrible living through it at the time. I'm a 25 year old male who gave up smoking around a year ago which seems to have triggered my HA.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

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    Re: Tips on coping with/overcoming HA?


    The only book I have read is Stop Obsessing! by Edna Foa and Reid Wilson. I would definitely recommend it. I also think mindfulness and Yoga can work well. And, for me, less coffee and alcohol.

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    Re: Tips on coping with/overcoming HA?

    Please check one of my latest posts. A member "mynameisTherry" provided a link for self-help materials which could be very useful.

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