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    Weird throat sensation - comes & goes

    Since last December, I've been facing a weird issue with my throat that I've been unable to resolve.

    I've been following this forum for some time and looked almost everywhere on the Net but all I can find is articles regarding the lump sensation which is not what I have.

    Let me explain. Last November, I had a home accident and cracked my nose (not fully broken). Over the following months this resolved very well. However, in mid-December I came down with a nasty flu.
    While I was with the flu and in the midst of my nose recovery, I developed this feeling on the left side of my throat, all across from the lower part and right up to my ear. The pain I was feeling was random in time and location across this area. It felt like suddenly someone hit my throat with a needle. Very sharp but not extremely painful, sudden and then it went away.

    Initially, this was accompanied by a general discomfort on the left side of my throat that radiated up to my inner left ear and some teeth.

    Let me also state, that over the past years I've faced a lot of GERD issues but presently, I'm having a quiet period on that front.

    I do suffer from constant health anxiety, so I went to my GP and two different ENTs one of them being a physician that knows our family for many years.
    The GP suggested a thyroid exam which came out all clear.

    Both ENTs scoped me a total of three times. They did see some inflammation and slightly swollen lymph nodes but no other problem. My family ENT got me on a course of anti-biotics for Pharyngitis which was his diagnosis. He seemed to attribute the whole thing to that.

    After the antibiotics course was over I visited the ENT again and he said that there's no more swollen lymph nodes and that everything is looking great.

    That brings us to the present, where the condition has mostly resolved.
    I now have some days that I don't feel it at all, while on other days it flares up and I get it, albeit very much reduced compared to it's initial manifestation.

    It seems to be triggered by intense speech and anything that brings up phlegm like drinking orange juice, etc.
    Sometimes, I can trigger it at will by doing specific expressions like purposefully trying to make a gag sound (not always though).

    The whole thing has now gone a little over two months.

    I have no other issues. I have no problem swallowing, no voice problems.
    I'm an otherwise healthy individual in my early 40s, exercising daily, eating healthy, haven't smoked a single cigarette in my whole life, drinking lightly and not often, with only a lot of job related stress bearing on me.

    This stinging pain is the single weirdest thing I've ever faced.
    I don't even know what doctor to follow up with. Might it be musculoskeletal, neurological or completely subjective, anxiety & stress induced.

    I wonder if anyone has ever had the same problem or something similar and what was their experience with it.
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