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Thread: 5HTP please help

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    5HTP please help

    So I started taking 50mg of 5HTP on Thursday to help with my anxiety!
    I took one on Thursday afternoon, and quickly became fatigued and had a really sore head.
    That night, I had trouble sleeping and staying awake. The next day I was exhausted with a headache. Ever since, I've taken 1 per day before bed, but I find my headaches and tiredness are returning.

    I have had a cold, which I'm just getting over. Would this be a side affect of the 5HTP? Or could it just be the first few doses hitting my body?

    I really need some help :(

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    Re: 5HTP please help

    It is possibly a side effect of 5HTP as this works on your serotonin balance, similar to SSRI medication. You could try reducing the dose by cutting the tablet, if that's possible. If you're taking anything else that affects serotonin at the same time as 5HTP, stop taking 5HTP now.

    If it is just the side effects, and you aren't taking anything else that affects serotonin levels, and you think you can cope with the 5HTP, stick with it for a few days. These initial effects from medication and supplements normally sort themselves out within a few days. You may even have noticed they've reduced or stopped altogether by now.

    If you're especially anxious about them, or you're sensitive to changes in your body (eg if you have any kind of autism) you may notice - or think you notice - side effects for quite a while.

    Typically, you'd make dose changes gradually, as significant changes can be a shock to the system. Don't come off it cold turkey if you've been taking it for a while. See your doctor in this instance.

    You may be better off trying inositol - but read this first.
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    Re: 5HTP please help

    I take 200mg's of it at night and always have headache and sometimes feel sick too. I sleep within seconds as I am waking up at 4am every day but feel terrible with low mood but no anxiety. xxx I just try to go for a walk and eat which is important. But only been on the 5htp a couple of weeks, took it before but stopped after a week as was very sickly on it.

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    Re: 5HTP please help

    I think I am on about week two now of starting up 200mg of 5htp again and my mood is slightly better during the day time but not at 2.30am this morning when I still could not sleep but was snoring away with exhaustion at 8pm. Actually cried I was so fed up as just did not sleep at all again and it has been like this for a few weeks now so just hoping the 5htp will help and I guess it might belike chemical Serotonin drugs, that make you have insomnia worse at first.
    I have some magnesium too now, vitamin B and and D. I read it takes about 6 weeks to get 5htp properly into your blood stream?????

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    Re: 5HTP please help

    I had to stop taking it as it made be throw up really bad:(

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