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Thread: breast cancer worry - cold sensation in left breast, armpit and shoulder blade

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    breast cancer worry - cold sensation in left breast, armpit and shoulder blade

    im wondering if anyone can relate.
    i currently mega struggling with my health anxiety seems to be one thing after another. recently my head pressure and headaches convinced me i had a tumor, turns out looks like congestions and the new meds i have have helped this.
    my main anxiety is my breasts and have been since i found a lump in 2012 all was fine but its spiralled to me checking myself numerous times a day.
    anyway last wednesday 9th march 2016 i had lots of shooting pains on and off in my left breast, i didn need to take any medcation but was very aware of the pains and where they were. thursday i has cold sensations that moved around in my breast, armpit and shoulder blade and this has continued since then. feels cold inside still moves around althou seems more isolated to the armpit and top of breast, the edge if that makes sense. on 1st march a friend i went to school with whos 33 same as me has been disgnosed with breast cancer. at first i coped well thinking i have to be grateful it isnt me and be thankful for what i have. however the goolging has started again several times a day and even googling breast cancer symptoms, it isnt so much painful just this sensation im aware of all the time. i spoke to a friend whos a nurse and she told me it doesnt sound anything sinister. i was put on the pill in nov 2015 for my polysistic overies to help regulate periods and my hormone balance as i was a constant complete bitch, i have to piggy back the pill so only have a break every 3 months. last period was feb half term i have 4 days left of this pill pack then another 2 packs to take till my next period. my friend said see how it goes and if its still there after ive had the next period go and see the drs and maybe ask for inflamatory markers to be tested if im worried. thing is i dont think i can go another 2 months, my anxiety is constanlty im looking at my breasts every coupld of hrs to look for new visible signs as ive heard inflammorty breast cancer one of the symptoms can be described as pain, although its technicaly not a pain just a sensation. anyway as you can see ifs driving me crazy i just cant think straight i have 3 young children at home to and the anxiety is ruining my relationship with my husband. long and short of it is has anyone lese ever had these sensations and what have they turned out to be??? id be grateful for any feedback as trying to avoid the dr at the moment.
    ps srry for all the spelling mistakes lol

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    Re: breast cancer worry - cold sensation in left breast, armpit and shoulder blade

    hi, i have had a look but cant seem to find anything similar to my symptoms. theres a few but they have added symptoms that i dont have.

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