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Thread: Increase mirtazapine to 22.5mg

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    Re: Increase mirtazapine to 22.5mg

    Good luck Shazamataz.

    I noticed yesterday I was back to square one with anxiety, most annoying. For instance, I went to take back some trousers in a shop and I found it very difficult, and it only took seconds! On top of that beautiful day weather wise, and I do sleep well, so no rhyme or reason. I put it down to trying to readjust the increased mirtazapine. I hope today is a better day.

    Sometimes I think I'm wasting my life doing nothing. Anyone else?

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    Re: Increase mirtazapine to 22.5mg

    Hi Sandie

    Friday was wonderful, the first day I switched the doses around. I was able to go shopping somewhere I haven't been for ages. However the last two days, not as bad today, I've had terrible ibs cramps! I've had it before but I don't remember it as being as bad as this so suddenly. Will get ibs remedy today. I've got a bit of a stress on at the moment, but not enough to set stomach off like that. May cut back to only 15mg at night.

    Not easy, is it?

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    Re: Increase mirtazapine to 22.5mg

    Feeling cold is normal as it lowers you white blood cells , hope that helps . Im normally warm all the time even in winter , not anymore 👍👍

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    Re: Increase mirtazapine to 22.5mg

    mirtazapine can cause stomach problems so don’t worry ��

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