As admins we feel that a few things needed to be reiterated after occurrences on the forum over the last couple of months.

No More Panic is an inclusive forum, our youngest members can be from the age of 13. We are a large community and every one of our members are different, they have different opinions and different disorders BUT one thing which unites us is mental illness and all the problems that that entails

We have evolved over the years, from a small forum with a few members covering panic and anxiety to one that now covers many types of mental healthÖ. Phobias, Health anxiety, ocd amongst others.

There are many different types of members in different stages of the illness and recovery, and at different readiness to accept advice.

Some of us keep ourselves to ourselves and just read the forums and never post, some post occasionally when we feel our worse and others feel the need to post what seems constantly about very minor things.

The latter can cause conflicts when there is constant posting, this can just be the memberís way of trying to cope with their illness and it can be really frustrating for other members when they are trying to give advice and sometimes it appears that the OP isnít listening to what they have to say.

We would therefore appreciate if the OP could acknowledge the advice given and even thank the members that have given the advice. It is then up to the OP if they take up the advice or not.

OP Have you taken up some of the advice given? did it work for you? I am sure a lot of the people who try to help would like to know how it went, and would go some way to our members feeling appreciated for helping you out and make them more likely to advise you in the future.

If you become frustrated with other members constant posting then the best way to deal with that is to ignore the threads, donít give the advice if people do not seem to appreciate it, that way it doesnít add to your frustration.

Public arguments on the forum are really not needed and just serve to cause tension amongst members and increase peopleís anxiety which is of course the opposite of what NMP is here for. Verbal abuse of any member is very much frowned upon and you open yourself up to warnings and ultimately a ban from the forum.

If you have problems with what a member is saying on a thread then PM that member to Ďdiscussí it, do not initiate an argument on the thread, if you have a problem with what has been said on a thread then another option is to report the thread/reply using the report triangle at the top right of the thread/post

All of the arguments tend to distract from the original question asked and sometimes the OP never gets the answer/advice they are looking for, please try to keep threads on topic.

99.9% of us on NMP suffer or care for someone with mental health problems, so treat members, how you would like to be treated yourself with your illness

Above all please remember the aim of No More Panic, to give help and support to people who are sufferers of mental health problems.

Thanks for reading and we wish you well in your battle with Mental Illness, please help us keep NMP a happy and supportive place to be

NMP Admin team