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Thread: Panic disorder support group in London

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    Panic disorder support group in London


    I am looking for people who would like to start a support/self help group with me in London (preferably in the north, east or central London). The group would be open for people suffering from panic disorder and the purpose of the group would be to create a safe space where we could gradually approach situations that we fear.

    I am a 35-year-old woman and I have been suffering from panic disorder for about 10 years. I have been looking for a support group in London but have not found anything that seem to be for only panic disorder sufferers. I feel that the support groups for people with social anxiety (but not necessarily panic disorder) that I have found seem too scary for me to begin with. I need a different way to deal with my fears and I think starting a group with people who all suffer from panic attacks would be better.

    I was thinking we could meet once a week and we would together decide how to use the time. Activities could include reading, talking in front of a group, role play, drama exercises and similar. We could also use the time sharing experiences. All suggestions are welcome.

    If you would be interested in helping me organising a group or to join the group as a participator, please contact me.

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    Re: Panic disorder support group in London

    Hi benuda,

    I was just wondering if you still feel like having a meet up. I live in London too, and I was looking for the same thing as you, but you posted this quite a while ago so maybe you feel better now (I really hope you do! )

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    Re: Panic disorder support group in London

    hey guys

    this is a good idea, lets go ahead with it ? I am also from London, I am sure we can figure something out and get even more people involved.

    I have been suffering with anxiety/panic disorder since 2008. I am sure it would be much better to talk to people that understand how you feel and what you go through ?

    PM or reply if anyone here is still interested.

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    Re: Panic disorder support group in London

    I'm also kinda interested, if it's low-key and I qualify (don't think I've been diagnosed with panic disorder, but it seems to have a lot in common with my GAD).

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    Re: Panic disorder support group in London

    Don't know if any good for you but I'm part of a group on facebook that arranges meets in Kent?
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