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    hi not sure if is the right place

    Hi all i havnt been here for a while so the change of the site is all new to me.
    Im Going to be an auntie for the first time in May and im delighted...the reason for this post is i am on escitalopram 10mg and have been for the last 2 and a half years i would like to have children in the future but i am scared of coming off this medication to have children just incase i go back to square one...which i have come along way...athough the though of becoming pregnant does make me anxious but i know its only my thoughts...i still suffer anxiety 24/7 but being on this medication has stopped my panic attacks and hence stopping medication and going back to square one! The biggest fear is going 9 months with anxiety and panic and not being able to take anything for it....i would like to know from anyone if they have been on medication and had to stop to have im petrified...!
    Sorry if i have posted in the wrong area
    Any advice would be appreciated
    Love and Light,
    Casstella x

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    Re: hi not sure if is the right place

    Well, this is actually a question to pose to the prescribing physician. The effects of Lexaprop (escitalopram) on the fetus of pregnant women has not been established and it's certainly a wise choice on your part to be concerned.

    There are, however, a great number of alternatives with regard to mood stabilizers like Lexapro and your doctor can help you decide which ones may be beneficial and yet not interfere with your plans to become pregnant. It should also comfort you to know that a common misperception exists among many persons taking any type of anti-depressant or anxiolytic agent, wherein they are extremely apprehensive that any reduction in medication will permit symptoms of potential overwhelming proportions re-emerge with a vengence.

    You'll be fine. Present your question to your prescribing physician and discuss alternatives. You'll be pleased to know that options do exist.
    Best regards and Good Health

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