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    is it anxiety or something else?

    Hi have always been a person that worries about my health especially cancer. So when I was diagnosed with a thin malignant melanoma in October 2006 it was very scary the prognosis is good as because Im a anxious type of person I ignores 3 dct who told me it was fine and went to see another dr who took it off. Any way the first 8 weeks after diagnosis I felt pretty numb but the last couple of months things have got really bad, I started with a pain in my ribs like a stitch this lasted for about 4 weeks and has now gone, then I started getting tinglingin in my head, or sometimes it would be like water running in my head, then I got pins and needles in my feet and hands , breathlesness, walking up with numb hands for a few seconds , twitch in my eye and in index finger now my legs are feeling shaky as if they will give way, some days Im worse than others also do feel very paniky and stressed scared its Cancer. Been to Dr about 6 times they all said its anxiety. Had bloods taken all fine Bilirubin slightyl elavated, had them done 2 more times still elavated 23 but has stayed the same dr thinks it nothing to worry about. Dont know what to do as feel Dr is not listening to me, even went to A & E they done blood tests and listened to my chest said I was fine. Willing to pay privately but dont know where to go next, Also have been prescribed Cipramil started half a tablet a day 4 days ago. Please advice anyone going out of my mind with worry, and are very anxious. Hoping its BFS.

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    Re: is it anxiety or something else?

    Okay, your symptoms would be more consistent with anxiety disorder and it's not uncommon for such symptoms to appear in the presence of concerns about cancer, particularly post recision of a melanoma. Based upon your dilemma, you may find that an endless search for the right answer from healthcare professionals is the prevailing consequence. In other words, the previous lack of accuracy in recognizing the cancer by several practitioners now has you worried that something else has been overlooked.

    I am somewhat dismayed by the practitioners you described that were unable to recognize the very characteristic nature of a melanoma. Unlike some presentations with basal or squamous cell carcinomas, MM is usually unmistakable and rarely overlooked, but it does occur so your persistence was fortutitous.

    The nature of melanoma and metastatic disease( spreading elsewhere) has to do with how invasive the melanoma had become and more importantly what the status was of surrounding tissues. Clean excision with no apparent changes to surrounding tissues is a great prognosis, hence the need for early detection. It sounds as though your case clearly falls into this category so no need for further elaboration.

    The symptoms of systemic cancer simply do not appear in the constellation you are describing. If you continue to ruminate excessively and are unable to get rest without confirmation, then there is a diagnostic test that can be obtained which would indicate whether cancer may exist. I doubt very much that it's the case, but it's available if you simply must have further proof. Realize, however, that once this test returns negative you must release the matter from further thought in that regard. Some patients can allow unwarranted fear and speculation to consume their lives.

    The tests are comprised of simple blood tests, T/TN Antigen, DR-70 and AMAS being the most broad spectrum. These screens are extremely sensitve to cancers and are considered somewhat exotic to common lab capabilities, so they would have to be sent out for analysis in most cases. My impression would be that the tests will all return negative, but if you can't rest without knowing then it's the least expensive alternative to discuss with your physician, who will in all likelihood tell you that the tests are entirely unnecessary. I would agree, excepting the case for peace of mind. Under such circumstances, this would be considered elective in nature and not covered under practice guidelines for such measures. You may find them difficult to obtain.
    Best regards and Good Health

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    Re: is it anxiety or something else?

    Thank you so much for your reply, as it helped me as i am a nervous wreck at the moment. I think its exactly right what you say because the doctor failed to spot my melanoma I have no faith in them and find it hard when they say im ok to believe them. My melanoma was .6mm thick and the wider excision was clear of cells so I should be positive as the prognosis is good. This is a fantastic idea on this site and thanks again. I have started hypnotherapy felt better this weekend but feel a bit shaky in my hands and feet when I look at my hands they shake and when Im holding anything it shakes could this be my nerves?

    Thank you

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