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    M.e/fibro but new symptoms scary. Anyone relate??

    I have m.e/fibro. As some will know there's a host of weird and horrid symptoms with this but starting with other symptoms. feel like my arms and limbs, usually right side feel sort of weak and like they don't belong to me. Also my legs feel like my skin is burning. So scary.also feel like i have to consciously think about it when I want to move hand limbs and hand and feel
    Sort of clumsy. Also increased leg pain and cramps and pins and needles. Hate this �� Ms and als and mind scare the heck out of me. Ps I have terrible HA. Nothing is ever anything simple. A mouth ulcer is cancer, leg pain is DVT, headache a tumour..... You know what mean
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    Re: M.e/fibro but new symptoms scary. Anyone relate??

    Have you discussed it with your doctor? Fibro causes such symptoms, as well as severe anxiety/stress and functional symtoms.. among many others of course.

    I think the "weakness" is perceived. Note that, in medical weakness means you have no strength at all. This is something you can easily test for yourself.

    But severe anxiety definitely can cause those symtoms, but it's always wise to bring it up with a doctor.

    Hope you'll feel better!

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    Re: M.e/fibro but new symptoms scary. Anyone relate??

    Thanks so much for reply. Yes sensations of weakness but I don't think it is weak if that makes sense. I hate the feelings of my legs not feeling like they are going to work. Hard to explain but I get this strange kind of weak odd sensation and I feel like I'm not going to be able to move it if i want to. I can't move it but feels weird.

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