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Thread: how easy it is to find a job?

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    Exclamation how easy it is to find a job?


    sorry if this is the wrong place to post, but I need to ask.

    I am currently in a job that I don't like (been already on a stress sick leave) and I am at the point of just passing my notice and leave my job. I know it sounds risky, but this job gives me anxiety and depressed me a lot (people are unfriendly, managers don't care), this is risky considering I live on my own and pay for my own bills.

    I am not a UK citizen (Polish), so my question is how easy it is to find a job (the one I'm working at now is my first one), I definitely don't want to be jobless for a long period of time.

    Is it difficult, easy, more or less easy? I know it sounds like a daft question but I need to know, so I can plan things in case it gets bad and I will put my notice in?


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    Re: how easy it is to find a job?

    It's easier dependant on where you live/are.

    Generally in London there are many agencies and long lists of jobs on job boards, other parts of the Uk can be harder. We have high unemployment in Great Yarmouth area for example so competition for jobs is tough.

    It may be worth looking at whats in your local job centre as a start.
    Otherwise the free press locally should carry job adverts.

    I think if you are self-motivating and can throw a good CV together then you should succeed, but it's not easy.
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    Re: how easy it is to find a job?

    There's an old saying that rings true. "It's easier to find a job when you have a job".

    There is no definitive answer to your question as there are so many factors that go into a hiring.

    Get your resume' together. Hire a coach if need be to help write it. Learn how to write a good cover letter. Join some job sites, post that resume' and start poking around for jobs that would interest you and are in your field of expertise and interest and get cracking!

    Most of all. Keep working the job you have until you get an offer. It's much better to give notice than to be unemployed

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    Re: how easy it is to find a job?

    In our experience, coming to a new country, it's been extremely hard to fnd work.
    Yes there are plenty of vacancies advertised, but there's also plenty of people to applyng for them.

    After many applications, interviews and applications my husband found a job nine months ago which he really hates but is too scared to leave in case he can't find another one.

    They do say it's easier to find a job when you're already employed and I suppose it looks good on your application form, but he hasn't been able to find another one yet. I haven't even been that lucky as I've been searching and applying and getting one rejection after another.

    I would say if you have good qualifications and are the right age it probably is possible to find suitable work, but I would also say that you should hold on to the job you have until such time as you find another one.
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    Re: how easy it is to find a job?

    It would be easier for you if you stuck at your job whilst you look for another. Employers would rather employ someone who is already in work than who isn't and gaps between employment aren't great either. How easy it is to find a job depends on where you live, what you are looking to do and what qualifications and skills you have. Good luck.
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