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    Swallowing, could be my anxiety but I am not sure

    I have been having trouble swallowing solids for three months and just recently liquids are giving me problems. I am very scared as I am losing weight very rapidly. I have lost about 25 pounds in 3 months, which I was overweight, but have reached the point where anymore weight loss is dangerous. I fear dehydration as my liquid intake has diminished.

    I have not eaten a proper meal in three weeks, and I struggle to even get 1500 calories a day.

    I am scheduled for an endoscopy next month and I still have to wait and I feel I have gotten worse.
    Mostly I fear for my life. Doctors say it's probably caused by gerd, and some have suggested is mostly an anxiety issue.

    Anyone experience trouble with liquids and solids with anxiety?
    I have heard is very common, and I have read threads on here with people with similar experiences to me. It is very hard for me to believe anxiety can cause this much trouble.
    I have anxiety depression made much worse with this experience. I am scared

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    Re: Swallowing, could be my anxiety but I am not sure

    It's always difficult to accept that anxiety can cause all these symptoms but it does, and I found that once I got over the hurdle of accepting this, I started to feel better and a lot of the symptoms disappeared.
    I had the swallowing issue for years and like you I too lost a lot of weight. I could still drink though so would make milky meals that went down easily.

    Has your doctor given you anything for your anxiety?
    If you find you now have difficulties in drinking liquids you need to go back to see him as you could become dehydrated.

    I understand that you're scared.

    Go back to the doctor and ask for something for your anxiety.
    Do plenty of research. This forum is the best place.
    Try to keep yourself hydrated. Find foods that are easy to swallow and that appeal to you. I used to suck on squares of chocolate when nothing else would go down.
    Stay in touch with thus forum. I've found so much help here.
    General Anxiety and Panic Disorder for 25 years. Recently returned to South Africa from the UK and now living in Botswana.

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    Re: Swallowing, could be my anxiety but I am not sure

    Thank you for your reply. I have been given xanax to take as needed. I was also given, sertraline which I am afraid to take.

    These symptoms feel very real, it's hard to accept anxiety. Anxiety contributes a great deal, especially when I feel I might choke, but the food sticking in the esophagus feels very real

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    Re: Swallowing, could be my anxiety but I am not sure

    you mean you have a fear of swallowing or the food stuck in your throat ?? anyway it's anxiety and gerd

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    why you are waiting this much you should go to a private hospital to treat it ( gerd ) i took omeprazol .

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