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Thread: vertigo or something else ?

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    vertigo or something else ?

    I have had mini attacks that last like 2 or 3 seconds, its like a swoosh through my body and i feel like im going to have a stroke or something, i feel like the room has moved

    i get this every so often, maybe once every few months but today i had a really big one that lasted about 15 seconds

    i have been feeling dizzy for days prior to this and i get that walking on a boat feeling aswell

    is this bbpv vertigo ?

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    Re: vertigo or something else ?

    Sounds kinda like it

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    Re: vertigo or something else ?

    I've had this it can come on very suddenly and seem like a stroke or something just out of no where off balance or dizziness like the entire room is moving. doesnt last long but its horrible

    Had it for years on and off def anxiety related
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    Re: vertigo or something else ?

    thanks guys, i have had it too but because i havent had it this bad for a while i am worrying because if you go on an anxiety website everyone says its anxiety, if you go on a ms website they all say its ms

    has anyone tried motion sickness tablets ? thats what it feels like

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    Re: vertigo or something else ?

    I had this once, I had an inner ear infection.

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