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Thread: is 170/102 high for bp?

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    Unhappy is 170/102 high for bp?

    I went to the doctors today and my bp was 170/102 is this high and should i be woried the doctors didnt seem worried my normal bp is usually 148 over 80 or something like that this the highest it has ever been please help !!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: is 170/102 high for bp?


    Yes it is high but you could have what is called "white coat syndrome".

    This is where it is always higher at the docs.

    I am the same - mine is sky high at the doctor's but fine at home.

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    Re: is 170/102 high for bp?

    Mine goes crazy too. I can't even sit at one of those machines at the Drug stores without the it going sky high. I sit there for several minutes and take deep breaths.

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    Re: is 170/102 high for bp?

    Hi that does seem a little high.

    Im always nervous of having my blood pressure taken so its always higher when i visit my gp.

    When i have it tested at work by the nurse its always a normal reading

    love mandie x

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    Re: is 170/102 high for bp?

    Hi James

    Yes your BP is a little high, but considering you are suffering from anxiety, the chances are thet the rise is caused by the anxiety - not by any abnormality. The doc will have taken into account if you were feeling anxious, if you'd walked or driven to surgery, lots of different things and if he/she doesn't seem concerned then try not to panic about it.

    Lots of things can push BP up, the stress of having it done, light exercise, a cup of coffee, smoking any of these happening within 30-45 minutes before you have your BP taked, can push it up"

    If you were nervous about going totsee the gp then the adrenelin your body secreated with that anxiety, will have caused your heart to pump faster and your BP to rise.

    Hope this helps
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    Re: is 170/102 high for bp?

    There is no point my BP being done at the doctors because I have the old 'white coat syndrome' I check it a home every so often with a meter they suggested at the doctors and it's fine.

    This happens to loads of us!

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