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    Doctor cant do anything, medication hasnt worked, cbt hasnt worked - helpless

    i dont know what to do anymore

    over a year of varying doses of medication havent helped

    cbt therpaies havent helped

    anxiety has made work so stressful to the point of i cant cope

    and even in every day life, little things panic me and give me such anxiety that my heart races and i feel physically ill

    i seriously just dont know what to do anymore i feel helpless

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    anyone? im just totally baffled as to what to do

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    Re: Doctor cant do anything, medication hasnt worked, cbt hasnt worked - helpless

    CBT therapy does work. But it takes a big effort. And it takes time,
    Medication also takes time. With a combination of the two and a big effort (because it does take huge effort on your part) it will get better.

    I don't know how long you've had anxiety for but most of us have learnt these habits over a long period of time so we cant expect our brain to just suddenly unlearn all the bad habits overnight.

    keep a diary to see what's triggering your anxiety.

    Try doing exercise or walking. Take up a hobby. Try to distract your mind. Do things that make you happy. Be kind to yourself. Set yourself small challenges then reward yourself when you accomplish them.

    Read some of the success stories on this forum.
    General Anxiety and Panic Disorder for 25 years. Recently returned to South Africa from the UK and now living in Botswana.

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    Re: Doctor cant do anything, medication hasnt worked, cbt hasnt worked - helpless

    It does take a while to get out of the bad habits of anxiety. Have you tried mindfulness? With regular practice it really helps you to be relaxed and to change your way of thinking. CBT worked for my panic attacks but not for general anxiety and worry, but mindfulness is great. You are in the moment and not trying to change anything, living with how you are and how you feel. It's true acceptance and accepting anxiety and worry and living with it without stressing about it and making it worse really makes a difference

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