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    sucked back in

    hey all
    need some help sigh due to counciling im on the mend i havent really worryed about my health for 2 weeks now and now i am sigh i thought i was on the mend?
    but for some reason ive been worrying about how much i drink in sence of healthy amounts,
    i have like 1 pint during the working week and on friday nights i go out with my friends o and maybe once or twice a month on saturday 2 and get drunk on about 6 glasses of carling or jd and coke usully 2 carlings then a jd then a carling then 2 jds and cokes but yeah im worryed about the amount i drink having a effect on my blood pressure and heart deasese does drink hav a effect on it and does the amount i drunk unhealthy?

    sigh ive been having cheast pains all day even when im relaxed anyone hav any idea what it is
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    Re: sucked back in

    yes alcohol affects our whole body, and also our mind as it acts as a depressant and can often leave us feeling very down the next day. That said however, for a man im sure some one will correct me if im wrong its 21 units a week is the recommended maximum, a unit being a single measure of spirits, a small glass of wine or a half pint of most beers although some stronger may have more. They say its best to spread this out over the week and to try and have 2 to 3 alcohol free days a week. It doesnt sound as if your intake is excessive, its probably mostly confined to the weekend though, and apparently any more than 4 drinks in the one go for a man is binge drinking (3 for a woman). Alcohol drunk in moderation and responsibily is ok, and once in a while a blow out on a special occasion is also ok. I dont think you have to worry at this level about the physical affects, but perhaps when your anxiety is bad, mentally its maybe not such a great idea. Having said that,it hasnt stopped me at time and im sure there are plenty of us on here who at times have taken a bit too much... and probably will again.
    Hope this helps

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