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Thread: Anxiety about work

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    Anxiety about work

    Hey guys, haven't posted in a little bit - have been just trying to keep my head above water. Lots of recent stressors.. main thing I want to ask about is work. I have a job, been here for almost 6 years and I really like my job and the people here. That's not the problem, the problem is I'm a computer analyst and there's a project on a new setup I've been working on for a while without making any progress. I am really stumped on this, I know my anxiety and depression isn't helping my thought processes any either.

    Anyway, last week we had a system break and now the new system I am working on needs to be done asap. I have asked another guy for help, but he hasn't been able to figure it out yet either and is now on vacation. Also asked the vendor for help but no luck there yet. I am REALLY stressed about this not counting my other stressors (finances, stuff breaking, anxiety and depression itself) .

    I am waking up in the morning, feel ok for a couple minutes then I start thinking about the work issue and my stomach starts hurting, I feel nausea really bad, etc. I spend half the day at work trying to solve this thing and feel I am getting nowhere. Each day I don't solve it I feel worse.. my boss knows I am having trouble with solving this, just not sure they realize I really need help on this one. They don't know about my anxiety and depression. Not sure what to do, any tips guys?

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    Re: Anxiety about work

    Is your boss approachable, if so ask for a quick catch up and let them know how the projects are going. Highlight what you have achieved then explain the challenges and why they are a challenge, try to have some answers for what could be done to improve. If your manager knows the issues they can do things to help.

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    Re: Anxiety about work

    Hi Jade,

    Are you in charge of the project? I've been a BA myself and normally there would be a PM and PMO in there managing the overall delivery leaving the IT people to get on with build, test and rollout side. Within the last large corporate I worked for, it was more system fixes that were managed direct by an IT supervisor and those working on the fixes (the latter doing the real work!). Anything bigger than that, such as a new rollout of a system, was a major project to us.

    What is stumping you about the project?

    Is it possible to obtain support from the wider community? For instance, are you networked into any groups that deal with the software for you to gain some answers from or clues to what to look at?

    This is what confuses me about the project set up. If this happened in the areas I worked in, it would become a talking point at project level and we would be discussing how to pull in new resource or obtain the info our people needed to get them over the hurdle, a lot of which would be them saying what they needed.
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    Re: Anxiety about work

    Thanks Terry, I am the project lead and actually was finally able to resolve the issue last week. What was stumping me was that it was new software/hardware and there were a couple pieces of information I was missing in order to be able to get it working. I contacted the vendor for assistance and they were able to provide with me with some notes that helped to resolve the issue. So that is a big sigh of relief for me.

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